The difference between galvanized steel and ZAM Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel

1. What is ZAM Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel sheet?

ZAM Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel sheet is a new type of high corrosion- resistance coated steel sheet. Its coating composition is mainly zinc and plus 1.5%-11% aluminum, 1.5%-3% magnesium and little of silicon (This proportions differ from different manufacturers), the thickness range is 0.27-4.0mm,  and the width range that can be produced is: 580mm—1500mm.

Based on the combined effect of these additional elements, the corrosion inhibition effect is highly improved. In addition, it has processing performance under severe conditions (drawing, stamping, bending, paint welding, etc.), the coating has high hardness and excellent damage resistance. Compared with ordinary galvanized and aluzinc products, it has better corrosion resistance. Because of this corrosion resistance, it can be used instead of stainless steel or aluminum in some areas. The anti-corrosion and self-healing effect of the cut end face is a major feature of the product.

2. What are the uses of ZAM Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel sheet?

ZAM Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel products are widely used, mainly used in civil construction (keel ceilings, perforated plates, cable bridges), agricultural and livestock products (agricultural breeding greenhouses, steel structures, steel components, greenhouses, breeding equipment), railways, roads, and power communications (transmission Power distribution high and low voltage switch cabinets, box-type substation outer bodies), photovoltaic brackets, automotive motors, industrial refrigeration (cooling towers, large outdoor industrial air conditioners) and other industries, the application field is very wide.

3. What are the superior properties of ZAM Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel?

1. Corrosion resistance

The magnesium (Mg) component in the coating is beneficial to promote the formation of a very stable and well-structured fine protective film-simonkolleite (Zn 5 (OH) 8 Cl 2 · H 2 O), which generates and maintains a film-like coating on the surface of the coating , Thus exerting excellent corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of Galvalume steel and magnesium is 5-12 times that of galvanized steel.

2. High temperature resistance of ZAM Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel:

For some parts that require high temperature assembly (350℃), a high temperature resistance test has been carried out. When the ZAM Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel is heated to 380℃, the surface still has no melting phenomenon

3. The self-repairing performance of the processed section of the steel plate, the upper plating layer will dissolve and gradually cover the section, which promotes the formation of a stable protective film. In the initial process, red rust occurs on the exposed cut surface, but after the protective film forms a film-like covering on the cut surface, it prevents further corrosion from occurring.

4. Friction resistance has a low coefficient of friction and stable friction characteristics, which is very beneficial to stamping and can reduce the amount of coating wear, thereby reducing the roughness of parts. 4. Good welding performance. The addition of magnesium can reduce welding during laser welding. Spatter of seam attachments to improve welding performance

5. Good welding performance. The addition of magnesium can reduce the spatter of the weld accessories during the laser welding process and improve the welding performance.

6. Good coating performance. The coating performance of ZAM Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel is basically the same as that of pure zinc. It can be electrophoresed, post-sprayed and used as a raw material for color coating. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance under the film, it can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of the coated product

7. The easy-to-process plating layer is denser, and it is not easy to peel off during the stamping process. The coating has high hardness and excellent damage resistance

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